Measuring for compression stockings

measuring for compression stockings

How to measure for compression stockings, that are knee-high – these are the steps to be adhered to:Measure the ankle circumference making use of a measuring tape. The tape needs to be positioned at the narrowest section of the ankle, just couple of inches over the ankle bone. Calf bone measurement: take the largest component of the calf and determine its circumference. For calf bone size measurement you have to remain on a chair positioning your leg at a ninety-degree angle. The measurement is from the bend in your knee to the floor.

For thigh-high stockings, the initial 2 actions for the knee-high are similar to this process. Extra instructions:thigh measurement: discover the largest part of your thigh, beneath the butts and take its circumference. For measuring leg size take the distance in between the bottoms of the butts to the floor.

In how to measure for compression stockings there is also to remember that the dimensions taken are to be kept safely. You can buy one to be made for you – depending upon your dimensions.

Everything that really matters, is your health and wellbeing.


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