Complete Cardiac Transplant

I can not speak for how easily do the vessels leak, maybe someone else can. I doubt they would use tissue glue as that has a tendency to harden and I doubt they would use that so near a vessel (or at all for that matter when it is so invasive) After the transplant procedure surgeons often circulate the blood through the cardiopulmonary bypass machine. Once the blood reaches the heart and is “full” they remove the tubes from the machine and reattach it. They then do shock the heart with small paddles, this tends to “restart” the heart do the those very amazing pacemaker cells. The paddles are not used to place the heart, that is done with the hands ( you would likely want a firm grasp of that bad boy as to not let it roll away). We see the surgeon watches the overall function heart – its rhythm and if there are any leaks where the blood vessels are connected. I assume if there are they fix it through suturing (maybe a cardiac surgeon can confirm). What we do not see is the implantation of wires. These wires are not permanent but they are often (if i recall correctly) inserted in the heart. These wires are then fitted to a pacemaker where they can pace the heart or help correct for irregularities that may occur during recovery. edit: gwwammar

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